Figuring out how to get a website up and running is a tedious, complicated, and expensive undertaking. Business owners understand the importance of online presence but may not fully understand these FREE website alternatives.

There are a few FREE ways to get your business online that are worth considering and which I’ve listed below in the order of importance (my opinion.)

Top 3 Website Alternatives

1. Google My Business

Google My Business is a free service from Google that allows you to claim or create your business profile. As the premier online search tool Google offers compelling website alternatives. This is an excellent way to help people discover your business! Whether your business is a brick and mortar storefront, home-based, or service-area based you can get listed for FREE.

Google also has a lovely mobile app available for Apple and Android. This app can be used to manage your business profile as well as to configure and run Google Ads.

2. Instagram Business Page

Instagram is a phenomenal tool for promoting your business online. Especially magical for food and physical products businesses, Instagram users can easily take pictures of their items or customers during the normal course of business. Customers can post pictures of themselves using your product and tag you in them which is a great way to promote your products and business making this a highly valuable website alternative.

You will need to setup and manage your Instagram Business Page from a mobile device as their website lacks much of the functionality you will need including the ability to post.

If you don’t already have a Facebook Business Page you can actually create/claim one from Instagram.

3. Facebook Business Page

Facebook has been in the news a lot lately but still represents a great value for promoting your business online. Creating a Facebook Business Page is FREE however it isn’t as simple as Google My Business but does offer similar benefits and even has the option of adding a Facebook Shop where you can list products and services for sale and accept payments directly through Facebook.

Similar to Google, Facebook also has a separate Pages Manager mobile application which you can use to manage your business page and even communicate with customers via Messenger.

Once your Facebook and Instagram Business Pages are connected you can manage them from the “Pages Manager” app and even run the same ads on both platforms.

How to Use These Tools

All 3 of these tools require regular content updates, at minimum you should add material once a week to all of the platforms. More content is better. Pictures and Video are best and should be used as often as possible.

A Great Way to Get Started

Google, Facebook, and Instagram are all great ways to get your feet wet and start connecting with customers and marketing your business but they don’t replace the need for your own website. The best way to really own your brand is through strong branding and a well designed website, content management system, and ecommerce where your posts and content are truly yours and the branding and advertising are all driving traffic to your own domain instead of to someone else.

Puget Tech is Here to Help!

There are many tools out there that don’t require software development or coding skills but they still require heavy investment in time and effort to establish and maintain. Sometimes outsourcing these tasks helps you remain focused on your core business which is what you do best. When that time comes we will be here, ready to help you every step of the way.

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