Every business can benefit from a great online reputation and hiring a Reputation Management firm can help you maintain it.  Whether you’re an arborist, plumber, electrician, optometrist, or software developer, people are searching for someone like you to help them solve a problem. Even with amazing marketing if potential customers find you online with many un-responded negative reviews, they may just continue searching. In this way your online reputation can become a major bottleneck for all of your marketing efforts both online and off.

If you’re like most businesses, you take pride in your customer service and are concerned about what people are saying about you and your business, but you may not have time to seek out these comments or reviews or know how to best respond to the situation to maximize the positive impact. Sometimes being too close to a situation makes it difficult to respond effectively.  That’s when hiring a reputation management company is advantageous. They can accomplish this task for you and provide insight and help that can turn even negative comments and reviews into positive results.

Advantages of Online Reputation Management

Increased Marketing Effectiveness

With more people going online to find information about your business, you need a good reputation management company. How people are talking about you and reviewing what you do are often the first impression prospective customers will see when performing online searches. You don’t have to have all positive reviews (this isn’t possible), but you do need to address the negative ones and do what you can to solve problems and demonstrate your amazing customer service and candor.

When you work with a reputation management company, their job is to look at how you are viewed online. They can use their skills and expertise to determine if you are making a good first impression. If not, they can suggest ways to remedy the situation so new potential customers can see that you’re involved and genuinely concerned about your customers’ experience.

Increased Trust

Stellar online reputations take time but the rewards are valuable.  Being responsive and engaged helps you establish trust with current and new potential clients. Again, even if there are negative reviews or experiences online, the way you handle them says a lot about you and your business, potentially even more so than a positive review. If you do your best to fix the problems that arise, this will make people trust you even more than someone who appears to have all perfect reviews. You also have to engage with positive reviews so you reward the positive reviews more than the negative.

This can be a time-consuming effort. Thus, if you can’t dedicate someone to this endeavor, working with a reputation management company can be helpful. They have the time and skills to address both positive and negative reviews so customers can feel heard.

Increased Profits

The more people trust you, the more willing they are to give you their business as well as to refer others. While not overnight, you will see an increase in profits because fewer people will be turned away by poor reviews without responses and the people that are buying your products and services will be more likely to share their great experiences with others around them when they know the owners are responsive and involved.

Every business wants to make more money. If you aren’t attracting new customers, this can make that process challenging. Managing your online reputation can help you with this endeavor, and a reputation management company will know just how to achieve this goal.

Attract Better Talent

Besides attracting new customers with your well polished online reputation, you’ll also be able to attract more and better job applicants and employees. No one wants to work for a company that seems untrustworthy. You can change this and doing so can ensure you attract and retain the best employees so your company can be successful.

Finding the Right Partner

Managing your online reputation can be time consuming and confusing to manage by yourself.  Finding a trusted partner that specializes in this service can be valuable in the long term. They know exactly where to find what people are saying and can take action or make suggestions to improve your online reputation.

If you’re looking for the right partner to help with your reputation management, contact Puget Tech today. We want to help you manage and maximize the potential of your online reputation.