Total Care Service is the Total Package

Build, host, manage. Three words that sum our philosophy on technology. Three words that guide our practice every day. These three words are the difference between a company that builds you a website and then moves on, and one that keeps your website running for you after it’s complete. They’re the difference between an expensive, hardware-based IT solution that requires another large investment to support it, and a solution that leverages the power of the cloud to deliver effective, affordable service that’s just what you need. 

Our mission is to harness these three processes to create a comprehensive service that helps our clients get quality solutions and provides a stable platform that works without worry. We grant our customers peace of mind, knowing that we’re monitoring and maintaining their investment at peak performance.

We’re a small business, so we understand the unique challenges they face. We’re also citizens, so we can appreciate what government agencies can do for their populations, given the right tools. We use our unique perspective to develop powerful solutions that organizations of all kinds can leverage for success.

Need something done? Just call us and we’ll make sure it happens. We won’t give you the runaround or try to sell you products you don’t need. We provide our clients with the sort of service that we would expect for ourselves. It’s total care that you can depend on.

We’re often asked what we mean by “practical websites and IT systems”. Practical isn’t a flashy word. Tech companies are far more likely to use terms like “disruptive”, “innovative”, and “cutting-edge”. But we like “practical” because it best describes our vision for what technology should be for the organizations that most need it.

Practical solutions are made to work in the real world. They aren’t idealized or over-designed. They solve real problems. Practicality dictates that proven technologies and time-tested solutions should always trump theory and guesswork. We use “practical” because we believe that the best solutions are the ones that most closely match your desired results.

We also believe in the democratization of technology. Stable, secure, and complete IT infrastructure solutions shouldn’t be the exclusive domain of large, well-capitalized companies. Small businesses and local government agencies need quality, dependable service as well, — often more so. Without a sizeable in-house IT staff, they rely on external partners to meet their needs.

We strive every day to satisfy this demand. We work tirelessly to create IT, web, and software solutions that are dependable, practical, and effective. We use proven technologies that can be deployed quickly, hosted dependably, and managed transparently. We want our clients to know that we are here for them when they need us. 

Over the years we’ve evolved, adding new services and deemphasizing others. We believe this is how businesses stay relevant. We see ourselves as a forward-thinking technology company that’s always looking for better ways to provide clients with solid customer service. No BS. Just the most appropriate solutions to match their needs.


Our customers are normal people. We know they may not understand technical jargon. So we always communicate clearly and effectively using plain English. We feel it’s important to respond quickly to customer questions, and we will always break down complex topics into bite-sized pieces, explaining them until they’re clear.


We strive to do the right thing even when no one is watching. We never try to “oversell”. If the cheaper option is the better option, we will tell you. And we admit our mistakes. Because we all make them. It’s how we deal with them that makes the difference.


Curiosity is perhaps the most underappreciated human trait because, without it, people wouldn’t ask the big questions that lead to breakthroughs and progress. This is why we endeavor to let our curiosity lead us down paths others might have missed.


Problem-solving is the cornerstone of technology, and creativity builds novel solutions to seemingly intractable problems. We will always seek creative, unexpected solutions to customer challenges, even if it means showing customers how to use the tools they already have instead of implementing something new.

Our Proven Process


We can’t provide the right solution without fully understanding your needs. We help you work out what they are.


The most effective strategy is often the least obvious. We plan obsessively to ensure the best possible outcome.


A thorough plan is easy to follow. We mix creative strategies with existing technologies to realize your goals.


We try to imagine every possible way that our solution could fail and put it through its paces to assure that it doesn’t.


After deployment, we stay by your side, measuring, monitoring, and maintaining to ensure perfect performance.

Meet The Owners

With a combined 15 years of business, IT, and development experience, our owners lay a solid foundation for your success.

Zach Aufort
Zach AufortOperations Manager
Zach began his wide-ranging career in technology at the tender age of fourteen, working the help desk for a web hosting provider. A sponge for knowledge, he soaked up everything he could from this first employment experience.

Eventually, he parlayed his burgeoning skillset into a data center technician position, and from there a Linux systems administrator for one of New York City’s premier data centers.

As his information technology career was blossoming, Zach decided to try his hand at a very different sort of challenge. He joined the U.S. Army as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician. We civilians know his department as the bomb squad.

His tech-savvy was put to good use maintaining robotic equipment while training to remediate weapons of mass destruction. He also had the chance to protect the president on secret service details and was tasked to support local authorities in addressing explosive threats within the community.

An honorable discharge after seven years of service dropped him back into civilian life, where he quickly rekindled his passion for non-explosive technologies. He founded a Software-as-a-Service company and led a team of four developers and systems engineers to develop a B2B software product within the blockchain industry.

Then he took what he learned and started Puget Tech. He fuses his knack for technology, his entrepreneurial spirit, and the “get it done right” attitude he learned in the military to provide unparalleled service to clients throughout Washington state and beyond.

Clayton Conway
Clayton ConwayBusiness Development
Clayton got his start in technology even earlier than Zach. As an elementary school kid, he was fascinated by math and science and how things worked. He realized even then that he could take things apart, figure out what made them tick, and then reassemble and improve them.

His father was a retired US Navy Machinist who started a tractor dealership when Clayton was 7 years old. When Clayton was ten their business received an unassembled tractor from their supplier. His father let him try his hand at assembling it on his own. He drove the fully assembled tractor out of the shop four hours later. Assembling the tractors saved them money so his father began paying Clayton $50 to assemble them. Soon he could assemble a tractor in less than two hours!

His mother helped him explore as well, letting him disassemble the family’s new Magnavox computer. This got him very excited, and he began reading books from the library on programming, which led to experiments, a hobby, and eventually (spoiler alert) a business he was passionate about.

But his career wasn’t a straight line to tech entrepreneur. As a college student, he worked as a Walt Disney World College Program intern. From there he took a position with Lowes Home Improvement where he discovered myriad inventory discrepancies totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. This took him into sales where he variously served as Area Manager, Commercial Sales Manager, and eventually Regional Sales Manager. At his last position, he grew sales from $9 million to over $20 million.

But it wasn’t until he and Zach met that his tech, business, and sales expertise finally came together in a meaningful way. Puget Tech was born.

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