Tips For Making Websites Compliant With Washington State RCW 42.56, The Public Records Act

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If you’re not a Washington State public servant you might assume that RCW 42.56 is a droid in the latest installment of the Star Wars saga. And while that would make this article considerably more exciting, the designation actually refers to the Washington State Public Records Act. This important piece [...]

How to Set Up Google My Business Listings and Get the Most Out of Them

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You’re a local, face-to-face business and you haven’t set up your Google My Business listing yet? Do you hate money? Do you have any idea how much you’re leaving on the table? Well, we can’t tell you exactly, but it’s a lot!According to Think With Google, 76% of consumers that [...]

Live Chat Isn’t Just For Websites Anymore Which Is Why Your Website Needs it

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We’ve all seen them — the ubiquitous little chat bubbles that are popping up on websites everywhere. You’ve probably used one to get a quick answer to a pressing question. And you’ve likely been annoyed when you needed an answer and the chat bubble was missing. If you’re a business [...]

Make Your Team a Remote Work Powerhouse With Task Management

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Walt Disney World is the happiest place on Earth. Most people know that. What they may not know is that it’s also the most efficient. “What about the military?” you might ask. Nope. G.I. Joe has nothing on the mouse. They have staff assignments planned on a quantum level. And [...]

Why Is Your Website Not Secure? You Need an SSL Certificate

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If you surf the web with any regularity you've probably seen this message at least once or twice: "Not secure" "Your connection is not private" A warning "not to enter any sensitive information like passwords or credit card numbers because they could be stolen by hackers" likely followed. It probably [...]

7 Ways Small Businesses Can Make Remote Work Possible For Their Employees

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Photographer: Monica Silvestre | Source: PexelsCoronavirus has, in just a few short weeks, become a global conversation. It's forcing employers in the U.S. and around the world to consider something that many would have rejected just months before. But with travel restrictions and social distancing becoming necessities, the potential for [...]

Know Thy Audience — Creating Web Content That’s Compelling and Effective

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Photographer: Suzy Hazelwood | Source: PexelsWelcome to the third article in our series dedicated to the basics of creating web content. In the last post, we talked about how to organically build a collection of authentic imagery for your website. We started the series with a discussion about self-exploration as [...]

Plan Ahead — Creating Web Content with Effective Imagery Takes Time

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Great web content requires planning and effort.This is the second in a series of articles devoted to the basics of creating web content. In the initial post, we explored the idea that learning about yourself in depth is the first step to writing potent web content. In this article, we'll [...]