Backing up files is a process most people are familiar with. But what happens if disaster strikes and you lose a server? Or an employee’s workstation? Or all of your workstations? If you only have a file-level backup you’ll have to spend time and resources reinstalling operating systems and reconfiguring servers and computers before you can think about copying your files back.

That means greater downtime and lost revenue. Instead, back up everything, including configuration files and the like, so that servers, workstations, and even mobile devices can be restored to full service rapidly. And back it up to the cloud, where it’s completely safe and immediately accessible.

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Complete Suite of Cloud Backup Services with Acronis

Acronis is one of the most trusted backup services in the industry, offering easy, transparent backups, support for all of your devices, push-button disaster recovery, and malware scans on upload. 

Acronis also supports multi-cloud backups, which means we can send your data to their servers as well as AWS and Google Cloud simultaneously. The chance that even one of these might fail is tiny, but having all three go down is virtually impossible.


Disaster Recovery

Disasters are a scary prospect, but they don’t need to spell the end. Imagine how devastating an office fire would be if all of your computers were destroyed. But with proper business continuity practices, including complete cloud backups, you would be up and running quickly. Insurance will cover the computers. Your backups will cover your data and downtime.


Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is one of the most feared cyberattacks, and for good reason. It locks down your systems and encrypts your files. If you don’t pay the ransom, your files are gone for good. But there’s nothing to fear when you have a complete cloud backup. We simply wipe your hard drive and reinstall your full system, files and all. Ransomware thwarted quickly and painlessly.


Elastic Storage

Backing up to the cloud means never worrying about storage limits. As your business grows, your backup volume can grow to match. When you buy a physical backup system, you only have access to the hard drive space you purchase. Cloud backups are made to offsite data centers. Need more space? We simply allocate more. You’ll never run out of room.


Full Encryption

There’s no need to worry about hosting your backups in the cloud. Your files are protected with military-grade, 256-bit encryption. It’s impossible for third parties to see your files, or intercept them during transmission. This extra layer of protection means your backups are far safer in the cloud than they would be in your office, where disaster could strike.

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