Eyecare marketing is changing. At this point in time, everyone understands that we’re all using online search for just about everyting. In a previous blog article we discussed how 92% of 26-36 year-olds reported using a smart phone for local searches.  Sure, if you’re lucky you may have a great location where a few people see your sign and venture into your office or maybe they see an ad you place in a newspaper or other publication.

The reality is that you are missing out on a lot of business if you aren’t actively marketing on the internet. If you’re looking for ways to get your business information out to even more customers, you need to find the right eyecare marketing.

Having a website doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be found online. The internet is a busy place, in fact according to this info from Verisign.com there are over 354,000,000 domain names as of Q2 2019.  That’s a lot of websites!  Rise above the noise and competition by taking the time to proactively manage your online presence. Thankfully, there are some simple eyecare marketing strategies that can improve your online visibility without breaking the bank.

Eyecare Marketing Strategies

Create an Outstanding Website

Your website has to be outstanding for people to take notice, and it has to be accessible, easy to read, and responsive for accessibility from any devices customers may be using. If you have a website but you have changed nothing but your blog posts (if that…) for the past few years, it’s probably time for a complete overhaul.  It’s difficult to impress someone with content that is outdated, or worst yet, non-existant.

Be sure that your website is built using schema.org standards to ensure the best ROI from your SEO and other digital marketing efforts.

Technology changes so fast that trends from two years ago can already be outdated. This doesn’t mean you need to change your website, just that the content and presentation should be fresh and relevant.  Stay up to date with what customers are looking for and what they want.

Your website is frequently the first impression many people will get of you, make sure you make a good one.

When it comes to eyecare marketing, creating an outstanding website doesn’t mean you throw together a bunch of information and hope people will find it relevant. There has to be purpose and meaning behind everything you post, and you have to use white space correctly. If you’re unsure how to do this, hiring a professional may be in your best interest.

Know How People Are Searching

Once you have your outstanding website, make sure that people can find it. This means understanding how people are searching for your business or service and incorporating the right keywords. It’s also a good idea to look into pay-per-click advertising and properly configuring and claiming your Google My Business profile.

Have Quality Content

Once someone finds your website, you want to engage and motivate them to take action. That means offering them quality content that answers questions, educates, entertains, or lets them know how your services can improve their quality of life. More than likely, you’ll need to incorporate all of these elements.

There are many ways to present this information, including through infographics, videos, blog posts, and frequently asked question posts. Since most people will be coming to your site if they have questions about eyecare, make sure you have all the information that will fulfill their needs.

Use Social Media

If you want to find customers, go where they are; and that’s on social media. Having a presence here will ensure you are found and will increase your eyecare marketing reach. Make sure your posts are relevant and engaging so that they attract attention and customers.

Don’t be afraid to ask your best patients to share their experiences on your social channels.  This helps to validate the value of the services, products, and procedures you offer and builds confidence in your practice.

Hire Some Help

The world of eyecare marketing is always changing. If you want to stay on the cutting edge in the digital world you must stay up to date and evolve with those changes.  Make sure you are using the latest and most effective tools, and possibly consider hiring professional help. Having a company who can create an outstanding website, understand how people are searching, and manage your content can benefit your practice for many years.

If you’re looking for the right company to help you with eyecare marketing,  contact Puget Tech today. We are available to help with all of your digital marketing and design needs.