There are certain things you never want to pay more for. Bottled water comes to mind. As long as the “spring” they’re tapping isn’t the New York sewer system, water is water. Dry cleaners can’t get your clothes cleaner than clean, so you get nothing by spending more. You certainly want to pay as little as possible for the gym membership you’re never going to use. And if you’re spending more than nothing on pet insurance for your kid’s goldfish, you’re overpaying.

Other items scale in value the more you spend. You can buy a get a Ford Fiesta for 14K or a Lambo for 200 large. Yes, fiesta means “party” in Spanish, but let’s be honest about which car that term really applies to.

But the white whales of expenditures are those where spending more actually saves you money in the long run. The extra cost pays for itself, and you end up getting more value for the same ultimate cost as the cheaper alternative. Good graphic design falls into this category.

Good Graphic Design Is Money Well Spent

Solid design is impactful. It’s memorable. It resonates with viewers on an emotional and an intellectual level. In an instant, it can say more about your company than paragraphs of text.

Bad graphic design has the opposite effect. It implies cheapness and mediocrity. Not only does it do nothing to elevate your brand, but it can also saddle it with all sorts of negative associations. These can translate to real costs, in the form of lost opportunities and a general devaluing of your brand.

From this perspective, not only does skilled graphic design save you money, mediocre design costs you more than the “bargain” price tag suggests.

Skill Makes All the Difference

What’s the difference between a decent designer and a great one? Skilled designers have honed their instincts across years of clients and projects. They have an innate sense of what will work, and what won’t. They can brainstorm effectively and iterate quickly, arriving at strong designs in a fraction of the time it would take their lower-skilled counterparts.

This makes good designers excellent stewards of your investment. They make sure the money you spend is used efficiently.

Experienced Designers Get The Job Done Well the First Time

When you pay a premium for good graphic design you get quality results on the first attempt. You won’t waste time and money on an endless series of revisions.

Let’s say you’re looking to have a logo created. Here’s what frequently happens when you opt for a “bargain” designer.

You discuss your vision with them, detailing your requirements and describing the concepts and emotions you’re hoping to evoke.

After a few days, you get your initial designs back and they bear no trace of anything you asked for. So you send them back for revisions. And then you send them back again. And then again.

Each time you receive a uniquely failing attempt to realize your vision. So you cut your losses, pay your bill, and delete the files. Whether you start the frustration all over again or choose a skilled designer the second time, the less expensive option ends up costing you more.

Good Graphic Design is Multipurpose

Good design is modular and versatile. It creates a form language that can bridge across a myriad of uses. This ends up saving you money in the future because you can design once and then use it repeatedly.

As an example, a poor designer might deliver a business card. A proficient designer, on the other hand, can create a graphics package that is equally at home on a business card, a website, brochures, mailers, billboards, and more. You’d have to pay the lesser designer for each of these individually, and there’s no guarantee they’ll be cohesive.

Investing in Good Graphic Design Will Pay Dividends For Years to Come

A cheap designer might come up with something that you don’t entirely hate. But give it enough time, and your unenthusiastic acceptance will blossom into full-blown loathing. This severely limits the shelf life of the work.

A high-caliber design is one that you’ll come to appreciate more the longer you stare at it. And, more importantly, so will your customers. This means you’ll get far greater mileage out of premium graphic design. It might cost more upfront, but amortized out over its extended life, it ends up being the less expensive option.

At Puget Tech, we know a lot about good graphic design because we deliver it on a daily basis. Let our designers take your vision and mold it into something exciting and unexpected.

You don’t want, “Well, isn’t that nice.” You want, “Holy mother of pearl, that is somethin’ else!” We specialize in the latter.