Increasingly, organizations are relying on tailored mobile apps and tools to provide quick access to information, connect employees with company resources, and deliver valuable services. A few examples are provided to the right.

Mobile apps take advantage of the fact that most every customer, employee, and citizen carries a cell phone or tablet. However, in the past, these tools were time-consuming to create and were often cost-prohibitive.

We use AppSheet, a feature-rich mobile development platform to deliver apps in weeks or days instead of months. This lowers the barriers to entry significantly and lets us deliver finished products in record time.

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What Can a Mobile App Do For You?

Mobile business apps bring the world of automation to basic workplace tasks. A real estate firm might benefit from an app that allows agents to take pictures and notes while at a property and have them automatically organized and sent back to the office for processing. A construction company could use an app that lets foremen request equipment and supplies in real-time. A local parks and rec department might use an app to alert citizens when classes they’re interested in are available.

What can a mobile app do for you? Well, what do you do that could use improvement?


Streamline Data Collection

Jotting down notes to enter into the computer later is inefficient and leads to missed information. Tailored mobile apps connected to a central database make it easy for staff members to input critical data when the need arises. We can create desktop versions of your mobile app as well, which means data entry can happen at any time, no matter what device is available.


Collaborate More Efficiently

Cloud-based apps like Zoom and Google Docs allow teams to communicate and collaborate in real-time no matter where they are. But what do you do if you need to collaborate in novel ways not supported by off-the-shelf products? You have us build a tailored tool that brings a collaborative workflow to whatever it is that you need to accomplish.


Gain Instant, Actionable Insights

Collecting data is only half of the equation. Mobile business apps also allow for real-time analysis. Trends, patterns, and crucial insights are available to users instantly, in the palm of their hands. Mobile tools can alert them to significant developments, give them access to instant feedback, and shed light on difficult questions, allowing immediate action.


Works With Multiple Data Sources

We can pull real-time data from many different sources including:

  • Google Sheets and Forms
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Salesforce
  • MySQL
  • AWS DynamoDB

Harness the Power of Mobile Devices

If you can dream it, we can probably build it. Here’s a selection of some of the functionality that can be added to a mobile app.

Benefits of Low-Code Mobile Apps

Fast Development

Low-code development platforms come with basic app functionality pre-built. Developers need only fill in the gaps. This allows for rapid app development, often with no need for a prototype.


The pre-built functionality found in low-code platforms is already cross-platform, which means you can build mobile and web versions of an app simultaneously, in real-time.


AppSheet supports a robust feature set. The apps we can build are limited less by the tools we use and more by our collective imagination (but we have a pretty healthy imaginations).

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