Two of the hot new buzzwords floating around cyberspace right now are no code and low code applications. Although it may not be obvious right now this relatively new approach to software development represents a shift in the way businesses of all sizes manage internal software systems and business processes.

There are a number of benefits to using a no code or low code solution:

Maintain your unique business identity

Building your own internal apps helps you maintain that cutting edge business model your customers expect.

No more cookie cutter solutions or expensive development projects that never quite work as intended.

Lower upfront cost with no code apps

Many no code apps can be built from existing example apps! Since no coding is required you can start experimenting right away and even prototype your own app for later development!

More efficient transition

Your team has been using their existing system for some time, by building your own no code app based on existing workflows and systems your employees will spend much less time learning and more time doing!

More timely, relevant, and actionable data

Paper forms and spreadsheets offer limited opportunity for more than text and unless you’re really good at drawing you’ve probably wasted time writing out a long, drawn out description of a problem or resorted to taking a picture and emailing it. Mobile apps allow you to combine all of these actions into one quick mobile app entry with a picture (worth a thousand words!) timestamp, location record, and job or work order info which is all instantly available to relevant employees or teams back at the office which can view and respond to quickly.

Experiment and grow with no code!

Since there is no code involved your employees can quickly learn to update and experiment with new workflows without breaking the system which means you can find solutions and grow your application base to suit your business as it grows.

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