Project Description

Quick Turnaround “Under Construction” Page

Carib Import & Export had an older website that was no longer working properly, damaging their online presence. A new website was critical, but until it could be built, they needed an interim “Coming Soon” landing page that would provide visitors a company description, contact information, and their updated location.

We were able to rapidly build the site in under a day, restoring our client’s web presence, allowing us and them the time needed to plan their new website.

  • Revised the original site’s content for clarity and promotional value. Included compelling imagery and a dynamic text hierarchy to improve on the original design.
  • Added an interactive map to help customers find their location.
  • Built a contact form that automatically forwards prospect information directly to the company’s sales department.
  • Optimized the website for mobile responsiveness, fast page loads, and ease of use.
  • Securely host and maintain the page in the cloud for a guaranteed 99.99% uptime.