Project Description

A Perfect Expression of Our Total Care Service

The City of Stanwood, WA needed a fully-modern tourism and business directory website, but the request involved so much more than just design. This large project needed to be quickly scalable, allow businesses to collaborate with city officials, and had to include a host of integrated, cloud-based IT services.

We coordinated with multiple departments and external city vendors to develop a holistic solution that provided the required experience for citizens, tourists, and local businesses. This included frequent interactions with the city’s economic development board, to be certain the system matched their vision for the region. The website has since been featured in Alaska Airline’s Beyond magazine.

  • Included a powerful website backend that allowed businesses to log in and update their information, communicate with each other, and participate in local event planning with city administrators. The backend also allowed officials and multiple authorized parties to update content on their own without the risk of site breakage.

  • Integrated a help desk ticketing system so that the city and its vendors could communicate with site users, coordinate responses, and track and resolve issues for all parties involved.

  • Built a premium, cloud-based hosting infrastructure that guaranteed 99.99% uptime, and provided a scalable architecture able to react quickly to large spikes in site use resulting from various advertising campaigns aimed at increasing tourism in the area. Hundreds of thousands of visitors could be accommodated without any performance issues.

  • Designed the site to be RCW 42.56 compliant. Officials can easily pull shareable versions of the website as it existed on specific dates to comply with public records requests.

  • Added safe, secure, enterprise-grade email services through G Suite and leveraged Acronis multicloud backups to protect the integrity of the website, all emails, and any important documents shared between administrators and vendors.

  • Contracted to provide multi-year webmaster services and rigorous client/vendor training. We perform regular site maintenance, frequently add new pages to the site as required, and work with city vendors to promote upcoming events and promotions. We are committed to the long-term health of the system and the City of Stanwood.