Project Description

Full-Featured B2B Ecommerce Website

Pete’s Milk Delivery had an aging website that no longer served its purposes. Not only was the content out of date, but it also didn’t take advantage of modern technologies. They needed a way for wholesale customers to place orders online for next day delivery, with support for repeat and scheduled service. They’d built a great brand, but its online expression needed some love.

We built them a new site with an updated design that properly reflected the scope of their operation. We added custom ecommerce modules to support their growing delivery business and handcrafted an extensible, integrated catalog from scratch, including over 600 products. Feedback has been excellent, with Pete’s customers enjoying the easy ordering process we designed.

  • Worked closely with a wholesale distribution software company to provide a direct integration for backend office access. Customer orders are automatically sent to Pete’s warehouse staff, notifying them which products to load onto which trucks. We managed interactions with this third party developer’s project leads to create a fully-automated, B2B online-ordering solution. We also provided training on the system to Pete’s personnel.
  • Implemented additional ecommerce features to support the needs of a B2B sales organization including simplified reordering for regular purchases, user selectable delivery dates for order-ahead service, and a customizable minimum-order system to keep trucks loaded efficiently. We also added a local pickup service for small business customers and for COVID 19 compliance.
  • Connected with Pete’s vendors to assemble a full collection of product photos and descriptions, including over 600 items from dozens of farms and manufacturers. Assembled a searchable, categorized catalog to facilitate online ordering.
  • Planned and previsualized original photography for the site. Our goal was to capture “a day in the life” of Pete’s Milk Delivery. We worked with the photographer to ensure warmth and consistency. Additionally, we contracted the creation of a marketing video which we included on the homepage.
  • Helped Pete’s secure marketing dollars from their vendors by creating original blog content promoting branded products.
  • Interviewed staff members to learn about their business, their customers, and the farmers they distribute to generate effective web copy and blog content in a niche industry.
  • Host their website and ecommerce system using a highly redundant, multi-region, cloud-based architecture to ensure 100% uptime and a responsive purchasing experience. A single missed order could be disastrous, so we built a bulletproof hosting environment.