Project Description

Website Repair for a Critical Public Service

The client came to us with multiple website issues that were affecting performance and functionality. We fixed CSS problems so that the site would display properly on every device, optimized their hosting and website code to address slow loading issues, and updated their calendar and public records system.

The client was impressed by our repair process, and the relationship quickly grew. We’ve since become a trusted member of their administrative team and serve as their one-stop resource for website updates, backups, and other maintenance services.

  • Act as the organization’s webmaster, performing ongoing website upkeep services, including maintaining a service-level agreement for time-sensitive regulatory documents.

  • Performed a data structure audit and optimized their MySQL database.

  • Implemented a public records request system designed to comply with RCW 42.56 regulations.

  • Deployed a comprehensive archival information system to record and protect board meeting agendas and meeting minutes, also in compliance with RCW 42.56.

  • Migrated their website to our cloud-hosting infrastructure while maintaining zero downtime.

  • Keep their website updated with timely news and announcements, cross-posted to all of their social media platforms.

  • Manage the site, performing periodic image and cache optimizations, updates to plugins and scripts, and new designs for requested page additions, form requirements, and other items as needed by the full administration team.