Project Description

A Full Mobile and Web Dining Experience

This was our first client, and it was an excellent project to start with. The Baked Cafe is a local restaurant that we frequent quite a bit. They were interested in modernizing their digital presence to create a seamless customer experience.

We used off-the-shelf software to create a rock-solid digital dining platform that included a website, an online ordering system, and a matching mobile app. The customer was extremely pleased with the results, and their customers are reaping the benefits. We’re happy the project went well too, because now we can continue to eat there!

  • Implemented a simple administrative interface that made it easy for the client to update their menu, make changes to the website, and extract order data.

  • Tied the order system to an in-store mobile phone that alerts the staff to new orders, and allows them to respond to the customer with an order confirmation immediately.

  • Leveraged our rapid development process to plan, develop, and deploy the entire package within one week.

  • Designed for Android and iOS compatibility.