Deployment and Operations From One Integrated Company

Your new web application has launched. Who’s going to maintain its cloud architecture to assure continued smooth operation? Orders are skyrocketing but your eCommerce site isn’t configured to handle the volume. Who do you call to quickly scale resources?

Initial deployment and long term administration are often handled by different parties, but that’s a hassle you don’t need. We’re a DevOps firm, fusing development and operations into one complete offering. We’ll deploy your app and then administer it for you — one point of contact throughout the whole process.

Cloud-Focused Systems Administration For Agile Organizations

“Set it and forget it” is great when it’s available, but it isn’t always realistic. When you’re dealing with agile organizations that require bleeding-edge software, there’s always the potential for problems. Because it’s impossible to predict where failures may occur, our cloud-based systems are engineered to protect against the worst-case scenario. 

When you control the weather, there’s no need to carry an umbrella.


Proactive and Real-Time Monitoring

We don’t wait for things to go wrong. As the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We search for the warning signs of danger with multiple levels of real-time monitoring. We’re alerted the moment something falls out of balance and we step in quickly to fix the problem. In most cases, we can repair issues before anyone else knows they exist.


Intelligent Security Protocols

Our proactive mentality extends to security as well. We’ve adopted intelligent protocols that can identify threats that were previously unknown. New malware and viruses develop at a rapid pace, too fast for most security companies to keep up with. We use some of the latest algorithms that can pattern match to identify threats that standard software might miss.


Cloud Systems Engineering

We’re in the vanguard of a new breed of systems administrators that are moving away from local hardware plants and into the cloud. We engineer large-scale cloud solutions for app, website, database hosting, and more. We choose the mix of providers, configure the proper computational resources, and account for future growth, all while building to your budget.


Planned Routine Maintenance

Engineering an elaborate cloud system is only half of the process. We also maintain your system architecture with affordable monthly maintenance contracts that cover you against failure, data corruption, age, and errors. We use a combination of automated and human systems to monitor for problems and optimize critical resources.

Let us design, build, and maintain your system