Web Application Development

A custom web application can get your employees working efficiently and seamlessly across every device they touch. Let us transfer your mission critical custom software to the cloud so it’s accessible anywhere!

Web Applications

Powerful Software from a Humble Browser

Imagine if your employees could sit down at any workstation, tablet or mobile phone, anywhere and immediately and securely access all of your mission critical custom software. Imagine if your customers could access your offerings anywhere they wanted to through a simple web browser. Consider how great it would be if you never again had to waste your IT department’s resources updating custom software on every device your company owns.

That’s the power of web applications. Web apps are full featured software applications that are run through a web browser instead of being installed onto a computer’s hard drive. This means they’re accessible anywhere you have a browser.


Standard desktop applications can only run on the machines they’re installed on. And when an update is available each computer installation has to be updated, individually. When web apps are updated the new version is automatically served up to the user the next time they connect.

Make sure to ask about about our modern, progressive web apps. These seek to better emulate the experience of a desktop app in a web app environment. They use new APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) like Service Workers, to allow web applications to function in an offline mode, to send push notifications to mobile devices, and to degrade gracefully in the case of network connectivity problems. The idea is that the user should never encounter a situation where it becomes evident, because of poor performance, that they’re using a web app instead of a desktop application.

All the Power of a Desktop Application, but Better!

  • Web applications don’t require any complex "roll out" procedure to deploy in large organizations. A compatible web browser is all that’s required.
  • Web applications typically require little to no hard disk space on the client computer.
  • Periodic upgrades are no longer necessary since all new features are implemented server-side and automatically delivered to the users.
  • Web applications integrate easily with other server-side web procedures, such as email and search.
  • They’re cross-platform compatible in most cases (i.e., Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) because they operate within a web browser window.
  • Most new web applications include responsive design, meaning they will display well on all devices of any size, including mobile phones.

Make sure to contact us and let us know your particular requirements. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable and functional web applications can be.

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