Website Repairs & Updates Service

Problems with your WordPress website keeping you up at night? We’ve all experienced website problems like broken links, outdated information, hacked websites, or even websites being redirected to the wrong page.

While some problems are just a nuisance others can actually cause harm (like outdated or incorrect business info), cost you money (such as wasted ad spend), or indicate more serious security threats (like domain hijacking).

We can repair, update, or upgrade your website!

Diagnose & Estimate

We will investigate your website, running advanced diagnositic tests for just $25.

If you choose to have us perform the repairs we will apply your diagnostic fee to the cost of the repair.

 Hacks & Malware

Updates & Changes

Speed & Optimization

Page Errors


Our Simple Repair Process

1. Service Request

Order our Website Diagnosis & Estimate service. Once you submit payment, it will notify our staff who will follow up with you shortly via email and phone.

2. Expert Diagnosis

Within 1 business day, one of our experts will login and analyze your website to diagnose the root cause of any issues and prepare a detailed estimate.

3. Accept & Repair

Once you accept the estimate and make payment, we’ll get started right away on your website! Most repairs are completed within 1 business day.


A Wide Range Of Website Repairs & Maintenance Options

We will repair your WordPress website, and we will fix it fast! Some of our staff have been working with WordPress since 2005 and have experienced and repaired a multitude of different issues.

Do you have a unique issue or not quite sure what you need? Do not hesitate to contact us via the live chat in the bottom right of the screen, our experts can assist you.


Page Not Loading? Plugin Causing Issues?

Starting at $49

WordPress and it’s plugins are always updating, and things can break overtime. We can fix 500 and 400 errors, fix corrupted databases, troubleshoot a misbehaving plugin, and much more! We’ll get your site rocking and rolling again.


Has Your Site Been Hacked?

Starting at $99

Has your website been hacked or your web server compromised? If you click a link does it try to download a virus or request sensitive customer information? Perhaps users are being redirected to the wrong website. We’ll get your site free and clear of malicious hacks and malware.


Is Your Website Loading Slow?

Starting at $79

Slow loading sites affect not only your user experience, but also your search rankings! Our experts can optimize your images, implement caching, setup a CDN, and implement other  bleeding edge techniques to ensure your website loads fast every time.


Need Help Updating or Adding Content?

Starting at $49

We perform various webmaster services:

  • Image and Text Changes
  • Site Migrations
  • SSL HTTPS Setup
  • SEO Fixes
  • WooCommerce Help

Repairs Done Right

The Puget Tech Difference

We don’t take shortcuts, we perform all of our repairs the correct way! Too many WordPress sites are repaired with faulty code, hacks, and temporary fixes by their previous maintainers. We like to call this the band-aid effect, and it’s the primary cause of issues we run across. Rest assured that we have your best interests in mind, and intend to find and fix the underlying cause of any issue

We do not outsource your job to the lowest bidder. We are a 100% USA based company with a physical office you can visit or call anytime during normal business hours.


What Our Clients Have To Say

Puget Tech is easy to work with and very professional! Got our restaurant’s online and mobile ordering system up and running in less than a week. Good communication process and quality work the whole way through.

Jesse C.

I’ve worked with Puget Tech on several projects in the past, they are solid engineers who approach every problem from a realistic standpoint. They are approachable, responsive, and easy to work with.

Billy P.

Let’s Get Your Website Fixed!

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