Email, Collaboration, and IT Services. Save Time and Money.

Classic IT managed-service providers will often try to sell small businesses expensive, in-house equipment, and then charge exorbitant rates to configure and maintain it. There was a time when this was necessary. That time is over.

Modern cloud services are allowing forward-thinking IT companies to host critical business IT functions off-site in protected data centers for a fraction of the cost. These services are dependable, easy to use, and can be integrated with web hosting, cloud backups, and more.

Remote Focused, Cloud-Based IT for the Modern Business

Businesses and other organizations are increasingly interested in supporting remote workers. Cloud-based systems and collaboration tools are ideally suited to this task. Email is accessible from any location. Team members can communicate via instant messaging and video conferencing. Projects can be shared remotely in a collaborative environment that supports simultaneous work.

We build cloud-based email and  IT systems, configure SaaS packages, and optimize collaborative environments with the modern, distributed business in mind. Even if you don’t need it now, it’s nice to know it’s there.


Premium, Enterprise-Grade Email

Small to medium-sized businesses and local government agencies don’t need to invest in costly Microsoft Exchange servers to provide their users fast, reliable email service. With cloud-based servers and the integrated email capabilities found in Google’s G Suite or Office 365, we can configure a similar email service that’s feature-rich and less costly to maintain.


Serious Security and Threat Management

Cloud-based IT services save you money in other ways as well. Many come integrated with industry-leading security and threat mitigation capabilities. Businesses no longer need separate security solutions to keep email, file servers, backups, and other critical services safe from prying eyes. We can configure security along with other IT services in one inclusive package.


Easy Integration With Other Software

Cloud solutions are built with integration in mind, and they create a virtual office environment that’s accessible wherever you are. Software-as-a-service providers build applications that live in the cloud and run in a web browser. We create a remote infrastructure that incorporates critical business functions and external software solutions into one cohesive whole.


Technology That Works For You

When we migrate your organization’s IT infrastructure to the cloud, everything becomes easier. Technology works for you instead of feeling like a weight around your neck. Software can be configured remotely. Need us to help you install and set up GoToMeeting? No problem. Need to collaborate remotely? It’s a simple process. With the cloud, IT is an ally, not the enemy.

Our Cloud-Focused Approach

Identify Your IT Needs

First, we evaluate your current systems to see what is still useful, what’s aged out of service, and what’s missing. Then we sit down to talk about what’s possible with a cloud configuration and what you’d like your IT to do for you.

Migrate to the Cloud

Next, we create and configure your cloud-based infrastructure, installing software, setting permissions, and preparing the IT environment. Then we move all of your email, documents, and other assets up to their new home.

Deploy and Integrate

After we verify a clean transition it’s time to go live. We decommission older systems, integrate any existing infrastructure that’s remaining online, and then run final tests to verify that everything is working as expected.

Train and Maintain

Finally, we make sure you understand what your new cloud IT service is capable of and how to get the most out of it. You’ll never have to worry about maintenance because we’ll take care of it, keeping everything up-to-date and running smoothly.

Our IT solutions make your business flow