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Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions, and we’re happy to answer them all. Here are a few that we’ve had the pleasure to address many, many times.

Do I have to be local to work with you?2020-05-04T15:29:46-07:00

Not at all. Both our staff and our cloud-based infrastructure are remote by design, so location is unimportant. We can just as easily accommodate clients across the street as those across the country. We provide all of the software and systems necessary to work on your project remotely.

How quickly can you start?2020-05-04T15:30:14-07:00

For large projects such as new websites and mobile applications, we’re typically operating with a four to eight week lead time between when you order and when we can start work. If you need a faster turnaround, we can move your project to the top of our production schedule for an additional fee.

For less labor-intensive items like web hosting, web maintenance and repair, systems administration, and the like, we can accommodate standard requests in three to five business days and emergency requests within one business day. Emergency requests may incur an additional fee.

Do I need to have all of my content prepared prior to contacting you?2020-05-04T15:30:42-07:00

No. There’s usually a four to eight week lead time between when you order and when we can start your project. You can take advantage of that time to work on your content. 

If you’re still not quite ready when we begin, that’s okay. We can move forward with placeholders while you finish your work. We also offer professional content writing and creation for an additional fee.

Do you offer maintenance and support services?2020-05-04T15:31:13-07:00

We do. In fact, we offer maintenance and support services by default on every estimate. We believe we can be an integral part of your business and so we suggest our total care approach to maintaining and supporting your services.

Do you work with startups? Do you have any low-cost options?2020-05-04T15:36:42-07:00

Our services are intended for established businesses and organizations wisely looking to make a long-term investment in their web presence and/or IT infrastructure. In order to offer this service at the level required, we use only premium tools and employ experienced staff, and this is reflected in our pricing.

If they don’t match your budget right now we’d be happy to recommend cheaper alternatives. Once you’re better established and ready to make a meaningful investment in your future, we’re confident you’ll come back to us.

Do you offer flexible billing?2020-05-04T15:27:48-07:00

Absolutely. We can offer monthly, quarterly, or annual terms, based on the type of service or package you select.

Do you offer consulting services?2020-05-04T15:28:18-07:00

We do indeed. We can help in whatever capacity you require.

On that point, it’s worth noting that for particularly complicated websites and system builds we sometimes request that clients invest in a few consulting hours. This happens when the project scope requires more than an hour of initial consultation to understand your business and your needs. The additional time investment is worthwhile because it results in a better end product.

How long will it take to get an estimate after the initial consultation?2020-05-04T15:28:55-07:00

We do our best to turn estimates around within three to five business days after the initial consultation. But please understand that this is an average. Particularly large or complex projects may require additional research and possibly consulting time before we can make an estimate available.