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Government entities are significantly different than their privately-owned counterparts. We’ve done quite a bit of work in this sector, which is a significant advantage for new customers. We can get right to work because we’ve been through the system and we know what’s involved.

We know how to effectively navigate the contract process. We’re familiar with the relevant laws and regulations that must be followed. Our government work is always ADA-compliant and designed for adherence to the strictures of RCW 42.56.

These standards can be difficult, but it’s a challenge we enjoy. We’ve become adept at finding creative strategies to build compelling communications and dependable systems that remain fully compliant.

There’s also a sense of civic pride that comes with working on government projects. We’re quite pleased to be involved.

We’re a small business. We know the difficulties they face. We know the cash flow challenges, the budgetary constraints, and the struggle for new clients. We can appreciate what it takes to run a small business because we do it every day.

They’re often in a difficult position when it comes to IT infrastructure and network security. They have the same needs as larger companies without the resources to pay for it. This often leaves them without essential services and exposed to attack.

We do a lot of work for small businesses, so we’ve learned how to overcome these challenges. Our affordable cloud-based IT solutions, practical web design and maintenance services, and total care philosophy level the playing field. We’re happy to get the chance to help other small businesses improve and grow.

We enjoy working with players in the healthcare industry because of the sense that we’re doing something important. IT infrastructure plays a critical role in delivering services to patients accurately, and in a timely fashion. Small improvements can have an outsized effect on people’s lives.

Healthcare providers often need web-based patient portals, web and mobile applications to help with scheduling and information distribution, and patient records systems. We understand the strictures that must be followed when designing these tools, specifically what it takes to be HIPAA compliant.

Our practical design philosophy is a perfect fit for an industry where reliability, speed, and deep functionality are the order of the day. We build tools and systems that don’t fail, and in the unlikely event that they do, they recover quickly, and without damage.

We have a number of clients in the construction industry, ranging from local home improvement operations to larger commercial construction firms. We feel a kinship with these companies for a number of reasons.

For one, Clayton, one of our partners, has a background in heavy machinery. His father owned a tractor dealership when he was a child, and later in life he turned around the sales department for a company that converted excavators into heavy demolition machines.

We also feel like we share a bit of the same DNA. We aren’t building new homes or massive industrial buildings, but we do build functional systems that make a difference in people’s lives. The planning process and the execution are very similar, though on a much smaller scale. They use wood, metal, and concrete while we use servers and code. But the mentality is very similar.

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